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Tower500 is a company headquartered in Rajasthan, India. Over the years, the company has been analyzing and identifying the best solutions against harmful mobile tower radiations in order to enhance the health dimensions of people surrounded by this invisible and silent health hazard.

Tower500 focuses on developing a radiation-safe environment. We offer advanced and innovative solutions that can be conveniently integrated into your office, home or other premises.

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Biological Disorders

Mobile towers, Mobile phones, Microwaves and similar devices emit Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR) that disturb the natural life balance and cause severe biological disorders.

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The scope of offerings of Tower500 is comprehensive, ranging from audit, analysis, solutions and much more. Additionally, all our services are managed in-house, thus assuring our clients that their troubles are addressed by trusted professionals. This gives us an added benefit and helps us retain our clients for long. Also, we guarantee what we offer and maintain transparency in our relationships with our clients. This is precisely why a few big brands have already considered us to be their preferred partner.

We select all our products and equipment based on effectiveness and practical applicability. You can be rest assured about verifiability and efficacy of each and every product provided to you.

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